Dual type mount for handlebar


  • FULL CNC Machining
  • Cycling Dual Type Mount
  • With bottom gopro bracket
  • Fixed to the handlebar with two bolts
  • Compatible with all brands (Garmin, Wahoo, Brighton)

Angle adjustable triple mount for stem


  • FULL CNC Machining
  • 2 gopro brackets on the bottom
  • angle adjustment type
  • Compatible with all brands (Garmin, Wahoo, Brighton)
  • Simultaneous installation of speedometer, light and action cam

Acro Garmin/GoPro Mount FF1 (Female/Female)


  • Garmin Genuine Flange Mount Replacement
  • 2 types of fixing bolts provided (wrench/handle type)
  • alloy gopro mount
  • Create a GoPro adapter and connect the light to the bottom of the original Garmin mount
  • Garmin Female (Female) + GoPro Female (3 slots)

Acro Garmin/GoPro Mount FM1 (Female/Male)


  • Converts gopro mounts to garmin mounts
  • Bottom alloy gopro mount
  • When installing the light on the Brompton Brake Arm GoPro mount
  • When installing a Garmin mount type light on the bottom of the speedometer
  • Garmin Female (Female) + GoPro Male (Male, 2 spaces)

Acro Garmin/GoPro Mount MF1 (Male/Female)


  • Converted to fit a garmin mount top gopro
  • Two types of fixing bolts provided (wrench/handle type)
  • For dual mount conversion if the bottom of the cradle is a Garmin mount type
  • Garmin Male (Male) + GoPro Female (Female, 3 spaces)

Garmin/Wahoo/Brighton Speedometer Wing Repair Kit


  • speedometer vane repair kit
  • Fasten the speedometer and repair kit bracket with the included bolts.
  • 2 types (for Garmin/Wahoo, for Brighton)
  • Driver included

Garmin/Wahoo/Brighton Smartphone Adapter


  • Smartphone attachment type (Garmin/Wahoo/Brighton) adapter
  • Garmin (Wahoo) / Brighton - 2 types
  • Use of proven 3M VHB double-sided tape
  • It is recommended to attach to a case made of PVC, plastic, or metal.
  • *Adhesive strength may be weak when attached to a gel case, waterproof cover, or silicone case.